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Summer 2016 ForestLife

In this Issue: a profile of wildlife’s modest champion, conservation successes across boundaries, the restoration and recovery of two forests following wildfires, and more!

2015 Annual Report

What does it take to protect a heritage, a way of life, or a forest? Find out in our 2015 Annual Report.

Spring 2016 Leaflet

In this issue: Shasta-area conservation expands; promoting water security, naturally; welcoming home salmon; and indicators of climate change in California.

Fall 2015 Leaflet

In this issue: Extending the impact of the Cascade-Siskiyou National Monument; the value of fire; a tool to help meet landowners’ conservation goals; and how California and PFT advance climate solutions through forest conservation.

2014 Annual Report

The accomplishments in this 2014 Annual Report are ours to celebrate together! Thank you for joining us in our effort to protect the wood, wildlife, water, and wonder that forests provide.

ForestLife, Summer 2015

In this issue: An awe-inspiring letter from our President; the Growing Role for Forests in Climate Change Policy; a virtual tour of the Pacific Crest Trail; and more!

LEAFLET, Spring 2015

In this issue: Bringing a Landscape Back to Life; How Climate Change Influences Species Movement…or Not; Conserving & Connecting Sierra Valley, the Largest Alpine Wetland in the U.S.; and Forest Carbon Offsets: Time for A National Standard?

LEAFLET, Fall 2014

In this issue: Fixing our dry forests; great forest stewardship is key for wet meadows; stepping up to the climate challenge; and more!

2013 Annual Report

After two decades working in favor of wood, water, wildlife, and a healthy climate, PFT is still in love with forests—few other resources offer such beauty and bounty. Together, we’re building partnerships, policies, and incentives for forests and you.

ForestLife, Spring 2014

In this issue: Going back to the well – California’s water solutions start at the source; forests, climate, and rock & roll with Chuck Leavell; sustainability with heart; and more!

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