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Forest Conservation Projects

Focused on conserving the 60% of America’s forests that are privately owned and most threatened by development and fragmentation, we protect the natural resources provided by forests, save wildlife habitat, and create economic value for forested lands beyond the traditional marketplace.

Private forests can range from one acre to thousands of acres and their owners may be industrial timber companies, investment firms, or families that have owned their land for generations. Every conservation project that we manage on private forest lands is different and each project has an inspiring story to share. Some family forest owners face estate taxes that threaten their heritage of stewardship. Other owners have remaining old growth forest they want to protect in a way they can afford. Still others are committed to restoring biodiversity and habitat for threatened species while actively managing their forest for wood products.

These forests represent a community’s livelihood, a business’s revenue stream, or a family’s legacy and we are committed to protecting those assets.


McCloud Dogwood Butte Working Forest

CA | 12,646 acres

This project expanded conservation of the McCloud River Watershed, benefitting California’s water, wildlife, and climate.

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Mountcrest Working Forest

OR | 2,065 acres

Atop Oregon’s Siskiyou Crest, Mountcrest Forest has critical water, wildlife, and historic connections.

Van Eck OR

Van Eck Forest Laboratories

CA & OR | 9,400 acres

Two learning laboratories demonstrate the synergy of economic and ecologic return in sustainable forest management.


Bear Creek Working Forest

CA | 8,230 acres

Conserving the headwaters of the Fall River protects California’s water supply, wildlife habitat, and jobs.


Goose Lake Restoration and Working Forest

CA | 32,686 acres

We joined Collins in California’s largest forest conservation and restoration partnership.


Butte Creek Meadows Working Forest

CA | 3,468 acres

A home to headwaters that provide cold, clear water for people and an abundance of wildlife.

Conservation Projects

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