Carbon neutral biomass energy?

Done right, biomass can be part of a sustainable energy future. Done wrong, it will add to already dangerous levels of CO2.

President’s Letter: All Fired Up!

Whether we love it or hate it, fire is integral to our landscape. Laurie Wayburn discusses how we can learn to work and live with fire.

Restoring Flourishing Forests

Sometimes forests need help recovering from intense wildfires. We’re collaborating with the landowners of two properties to aid forest restoration.

Heritage & Pioneers

Harry and Charlotte Turner have deep roots in California and they are passionate about helping conserve the state’s natural heritage and richness. We’re honored to have their support and share their story.

Wildlife’s Modest Champion

Paul Henson with the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service in Oregon has spent over two decades studying and protecting wild animals. We caught up with him to discuss two rare species, one that is listed under the Endangered Species Act and one that is not.

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