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One of Oregon’s largest family-owned forests protected for timber and wildlife

After 5 years of collaboration, a broad partnership has protected one of Oregon’s largest family-owned forests for timber and wildlife. The Parsons family, who have managed Mountcrest Forest for nearly 100 years, have partnered with Pacific Forest Trust to ensure Mountcrest Forest will never be broken up or developed, and that it will continue to be owned and well managed by the Parsons family for timber, wildlife habitat, and watershed values.

PFT’s 2017 Top Ten!

Here is Pacific Forest Trust’s 2017 Top Ten. We take one more look back (or ten) at a very eventful year before setting our sights firmly on 2018.

CDFW awards PFT $500,000 grant for McCloud Soda Springs project

The California Department of Fish and Wildlife (CDFW) has awarded the Pacific Forest Trust (PFT) a grant of $500,000 to fund watershed restoration at the McCloud Soda Springs Working Forest, a more than 1300-acre property that is home to a variety of wildlife and a source of clean water.

Show your support for forests today

With your help, we can continue to protect forests and make a real difference in the health and future of our planet for people and wildlife—ensuring that future generations can enjoy what we enjoy right now.

Forest Fete 2018

Save the date! On April 27, 2018, celebrate Pacific Forest Trust’s 25th Anniversary at Forest Fete, the forest event of the year, to be held at the elegant Julia Morgan Ballroom in downtown San Francisco.

Final notes from COP 23 in Bonn

The planet truly does provide the basics of life, and that reality underlies the hundreds of speeches, meetings, diplomatic interventions, arguments, presentations, panels, and debates held at COP 23. Read PFT Board chair Andrea Tuttle’s final observations from Bonn.

Notes from Bonn, part 2: COP 23

Andrea Tuttle, Pacific Forest Trust Board chair and a PFT observer to the UN climate negotiations for the past 11 years, discusses the opening days of COP 23 in Bonn, Germany, including technical topics, Mayor James Brainerd, forests, and “We Are Still In.”

Notes from Bonn: PFT at COP 23 climate talks

Andrea Tuttle, Pacific Forest Trust Board chair and a PFT observer to the UN climate negotiations for the past 11 years, provides photos and impressions from COP 23, the Bonn climate conference.

Water security in California

Our forests can make all the difference in achieving our climate and water security goals, while also promoting rural communities and economies. Find out how PFT is working towards water security in California.

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