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Snowshoe Hare




Snowshoe hare


Latin Name: Lepus americanus

Status: No special status

Population: Found throughout northern North America

Diet: Grass and leaves

Weight: 2-4 pounds

Length: Between 16 and 20 inches

About the Snowshoe Hare

Snowshoe hares are so named because of their large hind feet and the footprints they leave on the snow. They are found in northern North America, as far north as the arctic, and in northern American mountain ranges including the Rockies.

The snowshoe hare has a useful adaptation to help it survive in both summer and winter months: its fur turns white in the winter to help it camouflage with the snow while in the summer it turns brown to help it blend in with uncovered rocks and dirt.

Female snowshoe hares give birth to 2-3 litters each year ranging from one to eight young per litter. One month after birth, the young are able to survive on their own.

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The snowshoe hare lives in the following habitat types:

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Pacific Forest Trust is dedicated to preserving natural habitats and forest systems where these animals can thrive. Explore some of our conservation projects and easements in and around the snowshoe hare habitat.